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I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having TPG involved in our training this past year. You have been lifesavers! We have loved working with your team. You are all the epitome of professionalism and excellence. I knew anything we gave to you to work on would be done exceptionally well and on time.

- Training Manager, Government of Alberta

August 1, 2020
Corinna Ruhl

“Who’s got the time for a full day of training?” is a common question from both leaders and their staff. While The Performance Group continues to deliver dynamic and interactive full-day workshops, we have been developing innovative ways to deliver similarly transformative learning experiences in segments. Breaking training into 90-minute learning segments has the following benefits:

Renee was knowledgeable, upbeat and kept things moving along nicely. Her style fostered class involvement. Thanks!

January 2016

Renee Paul in my opinion was one of the best course instructors yet. She was very engaging of all the participants and was very lively and would capture her audience. I like how she would break it up with her instructing, group discussions, videos... the variety was great! Would recomment every assistant to take this course.

October 2015

A very enjoyable and focused session.

November 2015

I feel like I will have less stress if I follow his principles.

April 2016

I enjoyed the entire session, every part was good.

April 2016

The presenter was very inspiring, authentic, funny, relevant, and made the class enjoyable.

April 2016

I am modifying my thought process right now!!

April 2016

Amazing, inspiring, knew what he was talking about and very funny.

April 2016
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